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tpot: the power of touch was founded by Michelle Hammond in 2013 as a result of the UK's first in-depth research in to 'the challenges of treating clients with cancer in UK & Irish spa's and salons.

After the initial research Michelle worked with clinicians and specialists in the field of oncology and medicine to understand what we could do and how complementary therapies could be utilised more effectively for those living with dis-ease and life limiting health conditions.

Now an active ambassador for integrative health and lifestyle medicine, Michelle works alongside numerous charities and health focused organisations to bring the pillars of wellness front and center.

Prior to launching tpot, Michelle was responsible for leading, educating and designing luxury spa, health and wellness teams and brands around the world. Building on her initial and multi-disciplined range of clinical complementary therapy skills.

In addition to leading and evolving tpot (something she has always proudly called her passion project), Michelle spent 7 years curating the health and wellness concept and experiences, through design and deliverables, throughout the Pegasus Life community living portfolio - with the aim of revolutionising retirement living in the UK. She has also spent the last few years in her consultancy capacity supporting the future of workplace wellness strategies and meaningful wellness experience curation for large financial and tech led institutions. All whilst still leading her private talking therapy practise clinic one day a week supporting clients with their mental and emotional wellbeing - particularly when faced with life limiting health conditions, trauma and disease.

Michelle has recently embarked on a field of study in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the hope of achieving her doctorate in the future and deepening the insights and experiences she can bring to her wellness consultancy, teaching and private practise.

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