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My Nanna always said “Self praise is no recommendation” - so here is just some of the beautiful and brilliant feedback we get from those that learn with us.
“Michelle you are amazing! You explain everything so beautifully and clearly. Thank you x” Kristina
“Michelle is an exceptional motivational speaker” Nicole
“These two days have been brilliant. This was such an informative course that has really boosted not just my confidence but my understanding of the body and mind in both health and disease” Christie
“Michelle was absolutely fantastic. She has a vast knowledge of the field, very outgoing personality and she kept us engaged throughout the course. Thank you Michelle I feel so much more confident and capable now.” Adele
“I found the dementia course so very interesting and everything was explained really well. Very informative and great trainer” - Elly
“I learnt so much this last two days. I never knew that much about cancer, but now feel I could talk about it and be less scared of a client coming in with it” - Maria
“Very informative. Lovely teacher. Difficult topic dealt with well” - Julie
“My biggest fear was spreading cancer and now I understand a lot more about cancer I know what I can and can’t do” - Emma
“Very good training. Informative and realistic and down to earth approach to clients and therapists” - Jessica
“Such a wonderful course. Very real and packed with info. Delivered in layman’s language and real life examples. Lots of activity and no death by powerpoint, I loved it” - Helen
“I gained perspective and learnt what it may be like to live with or support someone with cancer. This is extremely beneficial and it gives me encouragement that I can help or be of use in some small way” - Stephanie
“It’s brilliant! So informative and takes the mystique and stigma away that massage for cancer patients is bad - great to know it is not” - Fi
“I feel more confident with meeting and treating clients with cancer. And confident have the knowledge I need” - Kevin
“It was really informative and I feel like I have learned so much. I think that it has given me confidence to do treatments on people who have cancer and different illnesses and so much knowledge” - Jo
When asked what would you change or improve on the training you have attended? “ Nothing. Loved it! Amazing! Every therapists should do it” - Rachel
When asked if you had to recommend this course to someone else what would you say?: “That it was hugely beneficial and to 100% get the whole team involved. This is something that ALL therapists should be trained in!” - Sarah
“Thank you so much for the training. I really found it very interesting and helpful both personally and professionally” - Lizzy
“I really enjoyed my training with Michelle. I feel confident that I could complete a treatment on someone with cancer. Michelle is also patient with you if you need something explained more. Thanks so much” - Tilly
“Very informative and inspiring course taught by a passionate teacher. Has definitely made me want to look up how / where to volunteer in Belfast” - Julie
“The course was conducted every professionally. I’m very happy that I was able to participate in it, getting to know the tranquil touch therapy thanks to which I will be able to people suffering with cancer. Thank you so much!” - Else
“Pre-learning was very informative and a god tool for undermining knowledge before the practical two days. The practical was brilliant for helping me apply the learning and learn the different starting positions and how to adapt and modify the treatment.” - Monica
“Really enjoyed all areas of learning. The pre-learning was most helpful to get your mind set” - Chloe
“Tpot gives you confidence to work on all clients on all levels” - Heidi
“This was the best training I have ever been on, as I now have more knowledge about cancer and how to treat a client with cancer” - Amy

"Really informative course. Excellent trainers and excellent course to make any therapist more comfortable and confident"- Therapeutic Massage for Clients with Cancer Practitioner Programme

OCEO Spa, Ireland

"The training was excellent and i really enjoyed it. I have learned a lot. I was a little afraid before but now all is clear. Thank you again. Equal treatments for everybody with real care" - Therapeutic Massage for Clients with Cancer Practitioner Programme

Druids Glen Spa, Ireland

"Nice and relaxed training. Very informative and interesting. Nice atmosphere. Covers everything without information overload. Definitely recommend this course'. Therapeutic Massage for Clients with Cancer Practitioner Programme

Oceo Spa, Seafield Hotel, Dublin

"Brilliant day training with tpot - i've learnt so much with Michelle and know how valuable it is to treat clients with cancer. I hopefully can now treat them confidently and lovingly. Michelle thank you for giving me such a huge understanding!" - Zoe Fuller

Pennyhill Park

"I have loved this workshop! My confidence has been boosted even by simple reminders like cancer clients that have made it to the spa are well enough to be treated with something. Thank you so much. Such a confidence boosting course!" 

Pennyhill Park

"I have learnt a lot in terms of the different types of cancer clients. The knowledge from Michelle was amazing. Really great training! Thank you" 

Pennyhill Park

"I've found today extremely helpful. Michelle knows her facts and is so passionate about it which makes it so much easier to take on board. I feel a lot more confident now to perform treatments on clients with cancer. Thank you" - Marion

Pennyhill Park

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