tpot's Tranquil Touch Technique for Monkey Minds

tpot's Tranquil Touch Technique for Monkey Minds

Tuesday 1st March 2022

By Michelle Hammond

The tpot Tranquil Touch Technique for Monkey Minds is a beautifully fluid massage that centers around conscious connection and support for those with busy minds, that can be hard to calm and center.  Great for clients who are feeling low, depleted, or suffering with heightened stress, anxiety and mental tension. Also great if they're struggling to sleep. 

This course is for qualified spa and beauty therapists, qualified to level 3 (or above) only. 

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health challenge each year*. The benefits of massage are widely evidenced and highly regarded in the support of enabling and empowering clients to better manage the emotional, mental and physical aspects of life.

This is an accredited two day in-person practical workshop, underpinned by access to the tpot training portal, where each learner will be able to access a range of additional on-demand learning and resources both pre and post the training. 

The training includes practising on models and requires successful completion of all course work, written assessments, case studies and reflective assignment work. 

On completion of the course learners will understand:

  • How the brain works and how our experiences and thinking shape and influence our beliefs, values, behaviours, mood and emotions. 
  • The most common stressors in modern life and the impact they have on our physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Some of the most common mental health challenges that present and why they're occuring.
  • How to recognise common language patterns and physical behaviours and mannerisms that can indicate all is not well.
  • What it means to be 'well'.
  • The variations to product, treatment and facility selection and programming for varying client needs.  
  • How to conduct a more comprehensive consultation and communicate with confidence, and sensitivity. 
  • The true power of touch and the evidence in massage based modalities for monkey minds and how to help clients learn to be truly present.
  • How to perform the tpot tranquil touch technique in a variety of positions, and with a range of adaptations and modifications to consider the uniqueness of each individual client who presents. This technique incorporates long, slow, sweeping movements, warmth and light stretch with some primary pressure based work. 
  • How to recognise green-washing in product selection and move beyond the PR and pretty pictures in supporting your clients skincare / wellbeing needs. 
  • How to integrate additional facility inclusions (and what to exclude), the right product choices, and personalised and professional lifestyle and home-care advice. 

Our training courses are delivered primarily to spa and salon accounts and their teams. We do host some open-access courses throughout the UK & Ireland a few times a year. Spaces are limited and we do hold a waiting list, so please do reach out if you would like to ut your name down to be notified of upcoming courses with space. 

Our professional partner training day rate starts at £950 + vat per day (course and team size dependant). With individual course attendance fee's starting from £279+vat for our two day advanced courses. 

For more details or to book contact the tpot team at:

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