Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Tuesday 30th May 2023

By Michelle Hammond

Having had huge success with her community based wellness workshops over the last few years, and having spent the last decade supporting workplace wellness design and strategy with her wellness curated consultancy, Michelle and her tpot team are now taking their immersive and interactive wellness workshops on the road.

Our core wellness workshops are typically two hours in duration. They include:

  • An informative and insightful topic talk - with group involvement
  • A practical 'makers' session - that attendees can both make and take away 
  • Social connection - a powerful opportunity to connect, learn, laugh and have fun

Some of our most popular workshops, include:

  • Sleep - How to sleep well
  • Menopause - harmonising hormones and navigating change  
  • Gut Health - harnessing the magic of the microbiome 
  • Calming a Monkey Mind - Managing overwhelm and anxiety, and avoiding burnout
  • Self Care Survival - Usable techniques to better look after you inside and out

We also, run workshops on: 

  • Going Green Within 
  • Cancer Care 
  • Unleashing the Power of your Imagination
  • Finding Purpose 
  • Massage Master-classes

(a wide variety of techniques from at desk, at home, with kids, pets and on self / others) 

If you would like Michelle and her team to host a wellness workshop at your workplace, in your community, or for clients in your spa / resort, then do reach out today.

You can email the team at: Connect@.org.uk 

Or call, on: +44 (0) 1491 861 009 

For bespoke workshop creation and / or large group numbers we would be happy to curate a personalised program and quote. 

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Whether you’re looking for self-care advice, need help to get you or your team trained, or seeking help to create dynamic white label or co-branded health and wellness content, we are here to help. Do reach out.

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