Calming Acu-Cranial Therapy

Calming Acu-Cranial Therapy

Sunday 11th September 2022

By Michelle Hammond

The tpot Calming Acu-Cranial  Treatment is a deeply serene face, scalp, neck and shoulder treatment for soothing monkey minds for those challenged by stress, anxiety and fatigue, and those that are plagued by TMJ related tension and regular headaches. 

This is an accredited one day in-person practical workshop, underpinned by access to the tpot training portal for community connection and ongoing post-course support. 

The training includes practising on models and requires successful completion of all course work, written assessments, case studies and reflective assignment work. 

On completion of the course learners will understand:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the human head, neck and shoulders.
  • How the brain works: Including how our beliefs and values form, and how our personality, emotions and mood form are shaped.
  • Common ailments and issues that impact the head, neck and shoulders. With a deeper dive in to TMJ and differentiation of headaches.
  • Contra-indications, precautions and red flags to treatment. 
  • The impact of stress, multi-tasking and fatigue on our physical and emotional wellbeing. 
  • The benefits and power of touch and evidence of impact of treatment and treatment programming.
  • The benefits and functions of the primary channels and acupressure points of the head.
  • The wonders of the vagus nerve. 
  • How to perform the calming acu-cranial technique in full 
  • How to adapt, modify or adjust treatment for the personalised needs of each unique client. 
  • How to communicate with confidence and carry out an advanced wellbeing consultation. 
  • How to recognise green-washing in product selection and move beyond the PR and pretty pictures in supporting your clients skincare needs. 
  • How to integrate additional facility inclusions (and what to exclude), the right product choices, and personalised and professional lifestyle and home-care advice. 

Our training courses are delivered primarily to spa and salon accounts and their teams. We do host some open-access courses throughout the UK & Ireland a few times a year. Spaces are limited and we do hold a waiting list, so please do reach out if you would like to ut your name down to be notified of upcoming courses with space. 

Our professional partner training day rate starts at £950 + vat per day (course and team size dependant). With individual course attendance fee's starting from £149+vat for our one day advanced courses. 

For more details or to book contact the tpot team at:

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