Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

Wednesday 16th May 2018

By Michelle Hammond

Welcome to the new tpot website. 

We've been working really hard to develop a range of resources, learning activities and events to help bring you ideas, insights and inspiration to help you #ShineYourLight and bring to life #TrueBeauty in your spa, beauty and complementary practise. 

We've started by focusing on the core and most critical conditions impacting our friends, families and communities right now. Cancer, Dementia, Depression, Diabetes, Disability & Heart Disease being the most prevalent. 

As well as educate around the conditions themselves: what they are, how they're currently treated in mainstream medicine, the impact and challenges they present to people being diagnosed with and subsequently living with said conditions - we hope to share the most up to date medical, scientific and widely accepted alternative or complementary practise and thinking to enable you to feel more confident and comfortable when welcoming and treating clients in to your spas and salons. 

Our aim is to help deepen your understanding by educating and empowering you to know what's really possible, practical and beneficial when your clients present with these conditions so you can truly support your clients wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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