tpot launch the SLOW Massage Movement (R)

tpot launch the SLOW Massage Movement (R)

Friday 18th May 2018

By Michelle Hammond


In a world where everything is moving so fast, we wanted to show therapists the true power of SLOW.

Take time. Feel connection with the breath and let your energy flow...

Having wrote the training manuals for many leading treatments over the years and having spent near to two decades teaching body work and complementary therapies to therapists new and old - Michelle felt even the core massage procedures have become about more complex moves, deeper massage, faster rhythms - and in this bid to have the newest type of treatment, something different, unique - funky, PR'able - we've lost our way and forgot the principle that 'less really is MORE'....even when practising deep massage SLOW works beautifully. 

In an industrial age people needed body work that soothed and supported the muscular aches and pains. Michelle herself spent most of her practising career using thumbs, heels of hands, knuckles, elbows, knees, balls and heals of feet throughout her wide repertoire of practise - but today peoples minds are busier than their bodies, their minds are stimulated and challenged constantly, people report being less able to switch off, wind down or sleep and the consequence is evident....that's where SLOW works best. SLOW has a much more efficient way of connecting to and nourishing the peripheral nervous system.

'Fast and furious' massage meeting 'fast and furious minds' is not helping either the body or mind to truly let go, re-center or reconnect with the breath....and is accelerating burn out and injury in our therapists. 

The launch of the SLOW Massage Movement (R),  a movement that builds on the evidence and benefits of the SLOW Food movement, is about encouraging therapists to learn more about the overwhelming medical, scientific and therapeutic benefits of SLOW and embracing the 'less is MORE principle'!

When we slow down our touch, when we lengthen our strokes, when we deepen our connection - when we become truly mindful of our massage we create a magical and profound effect for our clients. 

A slow, therapeutic mindful massage unleashes 'the power of touch' in a way that is evident in the clients immediate mental, emotional and physical state. 

Learn more about tpot's SLOW Massage Movement (R) or register for an upcoming workshop at:

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