Taking ten with... Kelly Lawes

Taking ten with... Kelly Lawes

Friday 2nd August 2019

By Michelle Hammond

Q1 - What shaped your decision to become a Therapist?

I left school with excellent G.C.S.E results but didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I decided that I would work full time in Morrisons Café where I was working on a weekend, and after a year would decide what I wanted to do. My parents didn’t agree with this decision and encouraged me to choose a course at a local college. When I read the prospectus, Beauty jumped out at me due to my interest in make-up and massage from a young age.

Q2 - What is the best thing about being a Therapist?

The potential for calm and tranquillity. Unlike many traditional jobs, I think being a therapist is good for your own mental and spiritual health. I enjoy going to work; something not a lot of people can say.

Q3 - What do you believe are the most critical character traits of a successful Therapist?

To listen, to show empathy and to take pride in what you do.

Q4 - Who has influenced you most throughout your career?

I have been influenced by so many different people that I have worked with over the years. My experience in a number of different salons and spas and through a wide variety of training courses, has given me insight into different successful and not-so-successful personalities and techniques, and allows me to develop myself continuously as a therapist.

Q5 - What is your favourite treatment to give and why?

My favourite treatment is a combined facial and body massage such as Temple Spa My Kinda Mood, because of the all the different components within it and how adaptable it is for the needs of the client. I also love educating my clients on the best products and future treatments for their skin and well-being needs.

Q6 - Do you have any pre or post treatment rituals for protection and self care?

I ground myself by leaning my palms against the treatment room wall and keeping my bare feet firmly on the floor and I focus on breathing and imagining that my breath turns into roots which travel through my feet. I also imagine a giant bubble which I can step into and ‘zip up’ to help protect me from negative energy transference.

Q7 - What is your top beauty tip?

Drink lots of water and always remove make-up at night.

Q8 - How do you invest in your own wellbeing. What do you do to look after yourself?

When I have the opportunity and funds, I like to visit a spa and use the facilities and then read a book, have a treatment and a spa lunch. I especially like to do this alone.

Q9 - If you could change one thing about the spa and wellness industry what would it be and why?

The standards of training and education. I think there is such a massive difference in the training that therapists from different areas receive. I would love for education to be a much more standardised and stricter approach.

Q10 - What is the best quote / best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Everything is O.K. in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.


1. What’s your favourite book

Junk by Melvin Burgess

2. What’s your favourite film of all time

The Notebook

3. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

I’d love to have Dinner with Robbie Williams because I have always wanted to meet him.

4. You get taken to your favourite place to be, where are you taken?

North lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith, Cumbria.

5. Your perfect dinner is?

Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic Bread

6. Your go to drink is?

Wine or iced water with lemon

7. Your favourite sweet treat is?

Double Decker chocolate bar

8. What’s your favourite essential oil / scent?

Lemongrass or Rose Geranium

9. You go for a treatment - what do you have and why?

I would have something that I have never had before so that it was a new experience for me and broadened my knowledge.

10. What’s your favourite flower?

Sweet peas

11. You want to sleep deeply, what do you do?

Sadly I rarely sleep deeply unless I have had some alcohol – my sleep is filled with vivid dreams all night and I constantly wake.

12. You want to energise fast, what do you do?

I would use ESPA Energising shower gel and Body Moisturiser

13. The theme tune to your life is?

Life Is A Rollercaoster – Ronan Keating

14. What makes you laugh to your belly?


15. What’s your favourite season?


16. What’s your favourite colour?


17. Your favourite time of day is?


18. If you could have been anyone or anything else, what / who would you be?

I would love to have been a Forensic Scientist or Surgeon

19. What’s your current TV guilty secret?

Probably just the soaps. I watch Eastenders and Coronation Street on catch up.

20. Magic dust - you can learn one new skill instantly, what is it?

Massage techniques come naturally and easily to me.

Kelly Lawes- Spa Treatments Supervisor at Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa

I started Level 2 Beauty Therapy back in 2004 in Carlisle, and over the years I have drummed up a wealth of experience and a vast number of qualifications in the Spa and Beauty Sector. I am currently working as Spa Treatments Supervisor at Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa in Cumbria. I live with my partner of ten years and our two beautiful daughters.

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