What is tpot ?

Monday 23rd April 2018

By Michelle Hammond

tpot is a collaborative organisation focused on eradicating the challenges of treating clients with cancer and other limiting health conditions in UK spas and salons by providing FREE and paid for educational workshops and resources to bring about a real change, at every level.

tpot is an acronym for 'the power of touch' - as we believe that irrelevant to the products or brands you stock, the greatest asset you have lays in the hands and heart of each and everyone of your therapists. By investing more in to deepening their awareness,understanding and confidence around what's possible, practical and beneficial when treating clients with cancer and other limiting and chronic health conditions and disorders facing our nation today - you're empowering them to be the best they can be and allowing the #TrueBeauty of our industry to shine through.

Our research

It is said that 1 in 2 people will soon be living with cancer here in the UK. Yet in the research we conducted and presented back to industry leaders at Spa Life in 2014 over 97% of the spa’s and salons we asked were turning people away who could not produce a Doctors note stating they were ‘In remission’. Although there is no evidence to define a therapeutic massage can or would ever do anything other than good. Unchanged policies, a lack of understanding and bundles of fear have kept the industry excluding and discriminating, but with over 65% of clients who have been turned away previously now stating they would or do now lie to get a massage treatment at a spa or salon - the time for the industry to change is now!

The solution

At tpot we believe that if we really want to affect change at every level we have to ensure the latest evidence, alongside the most up to date scientific and medical guidance and thinking is easily accessible to all. It is for this reason that tpot commits to making it's entry level training and resources FREE for both therapists and non-therapists to become cancer aware and gain the skills, confidence and underpinning knowledge to welcome and treat clients with cancer from initial diagnosis, through clinical treatment and beyond; comfortably and confidently. 

tpot also offers the industry's first advanced and intensive train the trainer programme, enabling and empowering leading lights from within our skin care brands and spa properties to be an integral part of the change within their networks and communities.

To learn more about tpot courses see our ATTEND page.

To #Make A Pledge- Contact Us. You can pledge to train, host a training, host a tea party or even donate goods, services and expertise. Every little counts!

Be Part of the Solution

We're Crowdfunding to fund a suite of research initiatives focused on evidencing 'the power of touch' for those living with an beyond cancer, suffering through mental health and living with dementia. We'd love your help to make it happen!

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